Why It’s Time Now to Get Survival Food

            “I think you should remind your readers one more time to buy long term storage food,” Survival Sam said to me.


            “Why is that?” I asked.


            “There are a number of factors that come into play here,” Sam said.  “First, we’re experiencing rampant inflation, whether the government will admit it or not.  That’s partly because the dollar is going down in value all over the world.  Closely related to that is the high price of oil.  That in turn has a detrimental affect on the cost of shipping goods to their various destinations, including our local supermarkets.  It simply costs more to do business, including the production and distribution of our food.”


            “Do you have some sort of strategy in mind?  You usually do.”


            “Yes, I do,” Sam said.  “Let’s say you were to buy a year’s supply of food right now.  You’d lock in your storage food at a given price and not have to worry about whether you could afford it later in the face of rising prices.  Many people are shifting to commodities for their investments these days.  Can you think of a better commodity to have than your own food supply?”  I nodded.  “All right then.  You may not want to dip into it right away, but then again you might.  It could supplement what you usually buy at the grocery store.  In either case, it’s there when you’re ready for it.”


            “What about gardening and growing our own food?”


            “By all means, do so,” he said.  “It takes a while before you harvest your lettuce, green beans, or whatever else you’re growing.  Grow all you can manage, and eat those garden goodies whenever they’re ready.  If it gets difficult to obtain certain foods at the grocery stores in coming months for any reason, you’ve got your storage food in reserve.  Nobody wants to go hungry or see their children crying because they’re hungry.  I know that may seem dramatic, but big changes are happening quickly these days.  I wouldn’t want to see anybody fall short because they didn’t take the opportunity to get storage food now.”


            “Sounds like a simple enough strategy.  I’ll make sure to post Nitro-Pak’s banner for the Ultimate Pak.  It’s top quality Mountain House freeze dried food.  It’s easy to click on the logo to get more info and start the order process to get that essential survival food supply.”


Nitro-Pak Ultimate Pak Freeze-Dried Food

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.