Survival Gardening–A Declaration of Independence

            The other day I asked Survival Sam why he thought I should direct my readers to so many products and resources related to gardening.  Here are the three main things he told me.


1.  Gardening is a declaration of independence.  It’s a way to take control of our own food supply—or at least a part of it.  Whatever we grow doesn’t have to be subjected to the questionable tactics of those who continue to consolidate control of our food supply.  What we grow won’t go through genetic modification, irradiation, harmful pesticides and chemicals, unsanitary bacterial contamination, or long distance shipping.  All of those things affect the quality of what we eat.  With gardening, the quality of what we grow is in our hands.


2.  Gardening is a means of survival.  Everything we can grow ourselves is that much less we have to get from a supermarket or restaurant.  The more self reliant we are, the less we have to depend on “the system,” which isn’t in great shape right now.  What if trucks for some reason can’t bring in that crisp lettuce from California for our salad?  Plus, growing our own food doesn’t have to cost a lot and can actually save money.


            When I told Sam that those two reasons were closely related, he came up with the third reason for survival gardening.


3.  It’s spring!  It’s simply time to garden.  It’s what millions and millions of people are doing now.


            Who could argue with that?  In fact, I need to cut this short and go do a little soil preparation.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.