How to Help Protect Yourself from the Flu

            “Sally, there’s so much flu going around this year,” Diane said, “It seems to be bad everywhere.  And I just heard the FDA is investigating adverse effects of Tamiflu, the medicine that is supposed to help when someone gets the flu.  what can we do to avoid getting sick with the flu?”


            “As always,” said Survival Sally, “wash your hands thoroughly.  Then steer clear of crowds and public gatherings if possible.”


            “I’m glad the kids aren’t in public school getting exposed to all of this.”


            “You see,” said Sally, “there’s another advantage to home schooling I’ll bet you hadn’t thought of before.”


            “No, but it’s a nice benefit,” Diane said.  “Still, can we take something to help prevent, or at least minimize the flu?”


            “There is one thing that comes to mind,” came Sally’s reply.  “Puritan’s Pride has several products to help build the immune system, but there’s one I think you should try, since the flu comes with so many upper respiratory symptoms.  It’s Serrapeptase Enzyme, and it comes in softgels with a potency of 90,000 IU.  According to Puritan’s Pride, it supports the sinus and respiratory systems to promote ear, nose and throat health.”


            “Let me write that down…You said it’s Serrapeptace Enzyme?”


            “Yes, and all you have to do to start the ordering process is click on the Puritan’s Pride logo.  Serrapeptase Enzyme is shown on their home page right now, on the lower half of the page.  If you don’t see it there, type the word enzymes in the search box, and a page will show it with several other products.  Or you could try typing Serrapeptace Enzyme for a more specific search.”


            “Thanks, Sally,” Diane said.  “It’s a relief knowing there are such high quality products for my family.”


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.