When Your Survival May Mean Skipping Town

A few weeks ago Duane, John and I discussed the likelihood of detention camps for Americans. It’s a subject that’s apparently on the minds of others as well. Within the past few days I’ve seen articles concerned with whether there really are concentration camps and the plans already in place for the military to quell civil disturbances.

I can’t say whether the authorities will have occasion to come for me or you, but police across the country have become more militaristic for quite some time now. It’s always a good idea for one to keep his nose clean, so to speak.

Perhaps you believe you’ll be in the clear because you say you have nothing to hide. What if that isn’t enough? What if the government decides conditions warrant police or military intervention in a big way where you live? Do you want to take the chance you won’t be caught up in the middle of something? Might it be a good idea to skip town for a while until the situation calms down? Shouldn’t you have escape plans ready?