Urban Survival Tips You Can Use

“What did you do then?” I asked.

“Fortunately, I was awake enough to remember that earlier I had counted the doors along the hallway to the nearest exit,” Survival Sam said. “There were 13. I called out to my roommate to follow me. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and the hotel only sustained minor fire damage to a kitchen area. We were able to go back in a couple hours later, but it was hard to go back to sleep. We were able to finish our conference in the morning as planned.”

“How did you think to count the doors ahead of time?” asked Duane.

“It’s one of the urban survival tips in Ron Hood’s DVD, Urban Master volume 2,” Sam said. “It’s loaded with practical tips for when you’re away from home. But these tips can be applied around the home as well.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like getting small alarm devices that go off when a door is opened,” Sam said. “It’s loud enough to disorient or scare off an intruder.”

“So Ron Hood gives security tips?” asked Duane.

“Yes, and much more. Here’s a tip on privacy I’ll use next time I travel. Did you know there are small devices that locate radio controlled surveillance cameras?” Sam asked. “You never know where you’ll find them these days. They’re well disguised in such things as smoke detectors and clock radios. I don’t want the hotel’s version of Big Brother snooping on me in the name of security.”

“I know what you mean,” Duane said.

“When Ron Hood made this DVD,” Sam said, “he was in Romania for part of the time, and the country was in lockdown mode because of bird flu.”

“Sounds a bit frightening,” Duane said.

“He was quite prepared though, and he demonstrates the tips and tricks to prove it. What he suggests is simple and effective.” If you gentlemen are free a couple hours longer after breakfast this morning, let’s watch the DVD and take notes.”

“Sure, I can do that” I said. “Does he tell people to carry a bag of gear when they travel?”

“He does discuss bugout bags, but he’s got some pretty amazing tricks,” Sam said, “for blending into the crowd when traveling. He shows clothing that can store incredible amounts of gear. The less obvious a person is, the better, and a bag can make a person stand out.”

Tina, our favorite Café 23 waitress, made her appearance then with more coffee. “More survival planning, boys?”

“We’re discussing a DVD about urban survival tips,” Sam said.

“I’m all for that,” Tina said.

“Ron Hood’s wife Karen gives some practical tips for women, such as how to be safe finding a parking place when you’re out shopping,” Sam said.

“I’m a fraidy cat,” said Tina. “I always keep my eyes open for trouble. A girl can’t be too careful these days.”

“Way to go,” Duane said.

“Holler if you need anything else,” she said as she turned to walk away.

“Listen, I can’t watch the DVD with you guys this morning,” Duane said. “How can I get one for myself?”

“They’re hard to find, but they’re still available from Survival.com in their section for DVD’s.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.