Survival and Preparing for a Pandemic

Survival Sam, Duane, and I were once again sharing a few thoughts in Duane’s basement, away from the hubbub of the rest of the world.

“Did you know the U.N. has an influenza coordinator?” Duane asked. Sam and I nodded. “Seriously,” Duane said.

“Well, why not?” asked Sam. “They can’t let a pandemic get out of control, can they? After all, shouldn’t it be made to follow the prescribed depopulation recipe?”

“You really believe there are those who want to get rid of us, don’t you?” I said to Sam.

“Yes,” said Sam, “but I suspect Duane has something else in mind to tell us, right?”

“Yes. This U. N. influenza coordinator has said the governments of countries around the world should take measures to prepare for the economic impact the spread of a flu outbreak will have.”

“No doubt it will cause a great deal of turmoil,” Sam said. “We could face more than just economic problems. Some say we could face a nightmare scenario with power outages and stoppage of life as we now know it. At the very least, I suspect we’ll see travel restrictions imposed and a good chance of martial law in certain areas, or possibly throughout the country.”

“Hmm, sounds bleak,” I said.

“Remember the bird flu and swine flu scares?” Sam asked. “If something like either one of those breaks out, it would be a good idea to be prepared to stay home and out of public circulation for a week or two.”

“Do you really think it will come to that?” I asked.

“It’s really anybody’s guess,” Sam said. “It reminds me of hype that surrounded Y2k several years ago. A lot of things would have to fall into place before we face widespread human to human bird flu. I know of some who say some variant of a flu virus is being engineered to mutate so it will endanger humans. Some say the mere threat of an outbreak could bring about a clampdown. Like other presumed threats, it’s a good idea to be prepared.”

“I’m sure you have some suggestions?” Duane said.

“Start by getting some supplies from companies in the DestinySurvival Prep Mart,” Sam said. “Look for items like hospital grade masks, hand sanitizer, a Flu Evac-Pak kit, oral rehydration salts, and nutritional or herbal supplements to build the immune system. Remember, it’s possible our survival will depend on having such things.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.