Connecting “Terrorstorm” and Survival

Things got quiet at our table Saturday morning after Survival Sam told us to imagine how we would live if we knew there were those out to enslave or kill us. Finally Duane broke the silence.

“This is heavy stuff, Sam. It’s a little hard to absorb.”

“Time may be getting short, gentlemen, and we have to deal with the world as it is, whether we’re ready to absorb it or not,” Sam said.

“Does Alex Jones’s TerrorStorm DVD tie in with all of this?” I asked.

“Yes it does,” said Sam. “It discusses the history of governments carrying out terrorism against their own people. It’s an idea many people can’t wrap their minds around, so they’d rather not deal with it, especially as something that has happened in our own country. But it’s very real.”

“Are you referring to 9-11?” Duane asked.

“Yes,” Sam said. “Alex Jones is just one of many pointing out that 9-11 was an inside job, and there’s quite a bit of credible evidence to support that claim. Naturally, it’s being suppressed and ridiculed in the mainstream media to perpetuate the myths created about 9-11.”

“So, once again, Sam,” Duane said, “how does this tie in with preparedness and survival?”

“We live in what could be described as a tenuous situation,” said Sam. “The powers that be would love to further enslave or eliminate many of us, and they believe they need provocative, shocking crises or events to facilitate their agenda. They haven’t come right out and declared martial law throughout the country, as some must be salivating to do. Incrementally tightening the screws works for now. They’ll try this regulation here or that restriction there as lab trials. And it’s amazing what people will put up with, all allegedly to have what they believe is security, while their freedoms are taken away.”

“When you think about it,” said Duane, “the Founding Fathers went to war for much less, didn’t they?”

“Yes,” Sam said. “We as a whole certainly don’t have their spirit.”

“Could there be another 9-11?” I asked.

“Sometime there may be something big enough to cause those dark forces in power to consolidate their powers and really put the clamps to us. It could be any number of things. Maybe another 9-11 style attack, or something of that magnitude or greater. Maybe it will be a perceived bird flu pandemic. It’s important to be ever watchful. That’s part of the survival attitude. And it’s important to be prepared.”

“You mean with storage food, water and such?” asked Duane.

“You’ve got it. At least that’s a good start,” Sam said. “There are enough laws and presidential directives on the books now that the president could practically militarize the country at the drop of a hat. What if for some reason the U.N. sent troops to help keep things under control? What if travel were restricted and you couldn’t go to work or to the grocery store? What if electricity were cut off deliberately in a certain area as a means of controlling residents living there? Who knows what scenario might play out? Ask yourself this. How many would be on the street corner waiting for the food and water trucks if our usual supplies were cut off? Do you want to be in those lines?”

“That’s the time when having a gun on hand would probably be a good idea,” said Duane. “If I had goods to prepare for such an awful situation, I’d want to protect myself, my family, and our possessions if people decided they didn’t want to wait for the government trucks to come around.”

“You’re changing your mind about guns, aren’t you?” I asked Duane.

“Well,” said duane, “Sam’s painting a frightening picture.”

“Of course, Duane, if you had your own survival gear and supplies, you wouldn’t go around advertising it, would you? Asked Sam. Duane shook his head. “Gentlemen, I’m sure you know that the things I’m talking to you about today aren’t the rantings of a crazy man,” said Sam. “If you watch the Alex Jones DVD’s, you get a crash course in what has happened through history, and you can appreciate that the things happening now show us that history is already repeating itself. Being aware and being prepared will strengthen your chances for survival.”

“And I know how you can get TerrorStorm,” I said. “If readers on my site click on the DVD’s title, that will begin the order process.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.