Connecting “Endgame” and Survival

Duane finished his glass of orange juice and leaned back in his seat at our breakfast get-together at the Café 23. “Sam, what’s that Endgame DVD about anyway?”

Survival Sam put down his coffee. “Let me first tell you a little about Alex Jones. He’s a radio talk show host who’s on several stations around the country and can be heard worldwide on shortwave and the Internet. He was raised in a conservative Christian home in Texas. As a young man in his late teens, he began to find out things in the world aren’t as cut and dried as they’re often presented. Over the past several years he’s had his finger on the pulse regarding what those in power are all about.”

“Don’t we get that from what we see or read from the news?” Duane asked.

“Far from it,” Sam said. “We get what’s spoon fed to us. Alex Jones goes deeper than that, especially with Endgame. He looks at the bigger picture. There are powerful decision makers who pull many of the strings behind events we see. Ever heard of the Bilderbergers?”

“Aren’t they some mysterious shadowy group that may or may not exist? And, is this going to be a lesson in conspiracy theory?” asked Duane, scooping up a bite of scrambled eggs.

“The real conspiracy theory,” Sam said, “is what is dished out to us as the official story about how our country and the world works. I’m not saying these shadowy figures in the background control everything, but they do exist, and they control much more than the typical man on the street realizes or wants to admit. I might even go so far as to say the average person isn’t capable of grasping the magnitude of the evil foisted upon us.”

“Duane probably wants to know what that’s got to do with survival and preparedness,” I said.

“Yeah,” said Duane. “When I’ve glanced at those alternative media sites you guys have told me about, I see some things I don’t see elsewhere; but I don’t get the connection to survival.”

“As I’ve said before,” Sam said, “part of the preparedness and survival attitude is being informed about what’s going on in the world so you know what we’re up against. In Endgame Alex Jones boils a lot of things down mostly in documentary form so you can get that bigger picture. For example, there are people in high places who would like to depopulate our planet drastically, and I’m not talking about some hippy-holdover environmentalists. They’re elitists and bankers who wield a great deal of control in ways we don’t see. Alex Jones points to eugenics programs that have been tried over the years and are still going on.”

“Sounds downright scary,” Duane said.

“That’s a good response,” Sam said. “When you can see things as a whole, you gain perspective. You wouldn’t go to a gun fight with a pocket knife. Neither should you try to mix it up with the power centers of the country or world when you’re trying to keep yourself and your family alive. Be informed, but avoid trouble.”

“It sounds like Alex Jones is doing it though,” I said.

“He’s a rare bird,” Sam said. “Thank God for men like him who are exposing evil. That’s apparently what he’s meant to do. That may not be your destiny, but you can learn from those like Alex who are out there in the thick of things.”

“I’m still not sure I see the connection to survival,” said Duane.

“OK, let’s take the evening news on TV as a prime example,” Sam said. “Let’s assume for starters that we’re getting a tiny fraction of the truth, because that’s indeed the case. They don’t have time to show much in 21 minutes. TV can’t convey the depth of reading material. Furthermore, the networks are controlled by giant corporations, and media consolidation is going ahead at a steady pace. If it’s not in XYZ corporation’s interest to tell you something, they’re not going to.”

“That’s why you recommend the sites on John’s blog,” said Duane.

“Right,” said Sam. “Now, when you’re watching this managed newscast, how much time is taken up with commercials for medications?”

“Quite a bit,” I said.

“And they’re effective, too,” Sam said. “People run to their doctors asking for what they’ve seen advertised on TV. It happens all the time. Never mind all those disclaimers. The big push for statin drugs that supposedly control cholesterol is a major scam, but it’s an officially sanctioned scam, so people think it’s a good thing.”

“So, where’s the survival connection in all this?” Duane was getting impatient.

“Who wants you to buy those medications?” asked Sam. “Is it the doctors?”

“It might be if the drug reps push hard enough,” said Duane.

“True,” Sam said. “The drug company reps are walking advertisements. So, who pays for these advertisements on two legs and on TV?”

Duane and I sat dumbfounded.

“It’s big corporations. And they have an awfully big influence on the medical practice, and thus on your health. Thankfully, a lot of people are waking up to alternative doctors and medications. But big drug companies, sometimes called Big Pharma, has its claws into the FDA and bitterly opposes alternative medicine. If Big Pharma thinks some alternative medicine product is to their advantage, they’ll figure out a way to get their cut on it. They may patent it to get control of it and, next thing you know, your doctor’s pushing it with his other pills.”

“The health issue gets right down where we live,” said Duane.

“That’s right,” Sam said. “And it’s just one example of the ever growing influence of giant multinational corporations.” Sam took a sip of coffee. “By the way, this isn’t about Right or Left politics, or being anti-American, or anything critics usually trot out in defense of the status quo. This is about things that are happening now, and about what affects us in the here and now.”

Once Sam got started, it was hard to get a word in edgewise. Besides, he was telling us some interesting stuff, so Duane and I sat soaking it in.

“Like it or not,” Sam went on, “as I’ve already said, people in high places want to drop our population to a fraction of what it is now. There are evil people who want us to be ill and dying. The depopulation isn’t being done outright. It would be too obvious. As for survival and preparedness, you should know who’s in back of what’s driving trends in our society. This way you won’t be so trusting of everything that comes down the pike, so to speak, whether it’s about health, news, politics, or whatever. Ask yourself how you’d live if you knew someone was out to either enslave you or even kill you.”

“They say knowledge is power, but are you saying skepticism could help me survive?” asked Duane.

“Absolutely,” said Sam.

“And,” I said, “Why don’t you go ahead and buy a copy of Endgame and see what it’s all about for yourself.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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