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            A few days ago when I was having breakfast with John and Duane, we discussed self defense. Here’s an article that discusses the subject further and emphasizes a point I made. Self defense for survival isn’t about looking for trouble. Trouble will come to each of us soon enough. Think of what the words mean–self defense for survival.

Best Self Defense   by Balboa Black

There are endless debates regarding what is the best Self Defense. However there is only one sure fire method to ensure your personal safety. Although many other methods may be very effective and may save your life only this method can provide you with level of assurance you seek when your life is on the line.

So you ask what this magic tool is for Self Defense. Well it’s not really a tool or even self defense. It’s actually a philosophy or method for avoiding staying out of trouble altogether. Before I go any further I would like to state that this method is not fool proof but and will not help you if you end up in a life or death situation. It will however help keep you out of them. So what is this magic method? Well it’s quite simple actually and not a new idea. It is however one that is often overlooked and I’ll also give you some pointers on how to apply this method. As many martial art or self defense instructors teach you train so that you may never have to use what you know.

Avoid Bad Situations: The best self defense technique possible is Avoidance. If you can keep yourself out of life threatening situations then you never have to worry about defending yourself. I know that this is kind of a boring idea but its safe and effective. Ultimately everyone’s goal is to come home to their families or that their family members come home safe and sound each day. Here are a few techniques to avoid and get out of potentially risky situations.

Cross the Street: This is a literal and figurative idea. If you are walking down the street and something looks suspicious then turn around and go the long way or cross the street. It’s better to have to spend an extra 20 minutes walking then possibly getting knifed. Be Confident: Not looking like an easy mark that the attacker can easily over come will deter most would be attackers.

Be a Ghost: Try not to draw attention to yourself. If you aren’t making a big ruckus or annoying others around you in a place like a bar where fights are more likely to occur then you will have better chances of avoiding a bad situation altogether.

Run Forest Run: Don’t be afraid to run. When confronted with a self defense situation if you can run you should. There’s no point in putting yourself in harm’s way if you don’t have to. Although you may leave with injured pride you will not have to make a trip to the hospital.

If all else fails and you have no choice to defend yourself then due so and don’t hesitate.

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Author: Balboa Black writes for Self Defense Instructor and website that offers Free Self Defense Videos and a Self Defense Directory.