Prepping–So Much to Learn

            I was visiting with Survival Sam the other day about my blog and survival in general.


            “Sam, it seems to me there’s quite a steep learning curve for someone who’s new to survival and preparedness issues.  I’m thinking of Duane and his family and perhaps some of my blog readers.”


            “There’s a steep learning curve to life,” Sam said.  “As a man told me once years ago, when we were discussing parenting, God somehow saw fit to put rank amateurs in charge of raising kids.”


            I laughed.  “I hear that.”


            “Yet,” Sam continued, “we as parents all muddle through somehow.  Parenting is the ultimate example of on the job training.  Some take the time to prepare and think ahead, while others don’t, and it often shows in how their kids turn out.”


            “So how does that relate to survival?” I asked.


            “Same story.  Much is on the job training.  The more you think ahead and prepare, the better the result will be for you and your family.”


            “Some people are way out in front compared to me.”


            “Then they’re they ones to learn from,” Sam said.  “For instance, you’ve got an item on the Prep Mart page for e-books and other resources called Self Sufficient Life. That’s a great place to direct people to.  There are numerous materials on gardening, hydroponics, building a greenhouse, even home schooling.”


            “Yes, but isn’t that mostly for people who live in the country?”


            “Not necessarily,” said Sam.  “Anybody in small town or urban areas can learn something about growing their own food.  Home hydroponics units can be small enough to grow a few salad greens in an apartment.  And did you know some people raise chickens in the city?  As for home schooling, that can be done by anybody anywhere.”


            “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”


            “Besides,” Sam said, “if someone’s living in the city, they might start daydreaming and thinking about getting out of the city one day, and they’ll need this information.”


            “That brings me back to my original point.  It seems like there’s so much to learn about things that are unfamiliar.”


            “Well,” Sam said, “remember, we’re talking about survival–matters that could mean life or death.  You can complain or dive in and get started.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.