Watch the Weather

            Survival Sally poked her head into the room, her blonde curls bouncing off her shoulder.


            “Sam, it looks like it’s clouding up awfully fast in the West. Are they calling for any storms tonight?”


            “Not that I know of.”


            “Well, it looks pretty dark all of a sudden.”  She pulled back, then popped back in.  “Oh, don’t forget to offer John those malted milk balls on the counter over there.  I know how much he likes them.”


            “Sure thing, Honey Love.” Sam replied as Sally disappeared to tend to the steaks on the grill.  “She’s a real peach.”


            I didn’t say anything, but while Sam brought over the malted milk balls, I was thinking how he really lucked out when he latched on to Sally.  She’s definitely a blonde bombshell, but she’s brainy.  No dumb blonde here.  She reminds me a little of—


            “you know,” Sam said, handing me the malt balls.  “Sally brings up something that’s relevant for your blog.”


            “Oh, what’s that.”  Do you know how hard it is to talk and pop a malt ball at the same time?


            “The weather.  Natural disasters and such.  People need to be prepared.  You’ve heard all the talk about global warming.”


            “Yeah, but that’s just a lot of hot air, isn’t it? Pun intended.”  I said with my tongue glorying in malted chocolate.


            “Climate change is real, regardless of the cause or what the raging debaters say about it, and those changes have definite consequences.  I’ll give you some examples,” Sam said as he reached for a malted milk ball for himself.


            He continued after a couple seconds.  “A tornado could wipe a neighborhood or town off the map, just like what happened to Greensburg, Kansas, this past spring.  Or an ice or snow storm could immobilize a large area, like those that struck large parts of the country just this past winter.  Or drought could be sapping everything it encompasses, as in the West and Southeast in recent years.  They’re living with drought right now, every day.  Ask Californians about the devastation brought on by wildfires.  Ask residents of New Orleans and vicinity about what it meant to live through Hurricane Katrina and what they might do differently if it should happen again.”


            “That’s a lot to think about,” I said.


            “But there’s more.  It seems we’re often hearing about cyclones and massive flooding in Bangladesh.  Remember the earthquake and tsunami that inundated parts of Southeast Asia a couple years back?  Could something of similar magnitude happen here?  Who knows when California might experience “The Big One,” or when the New Madrid fault might break loose in the middle of the country.”  He stopped to sip his glass of ginger ale.


            “All these things you’re talking about have been in the news,” I said.  “They’ve all been big stories.”


            “That’s right.  It’s certainly not as if people don’t know that these things can happen.  But let’s go a step further.  What do you know about HAARP, chemtrails, or deliberate weather modification?”


            I stopped with a malted milk ball halfway to my mouth.  “I sure haven’t heard anything about those things in the news.”.


            “Do you wonder why that is?  Who’s holding back and why?”


            “You mean there are things going on to affect the weather that we don’t know about?  Can thos things you mentioned really be happening?”


            “You bet they can, and they are,” Sam said.  “Look it up on sometime as a start.  You might want to mention his site on your blog.”  He took another sip of ginger ale.  “As a practical matter, you should direct your blog readers to places where they can buy survival gear and survival supplies so they can buy what they need to prepare.”


            “Well, where should somebody start?  How do they know what to do or buy?” I asked.


            “I hear Quake Kare, Inc. has several checklists to help people start planning.  Other survival gear and survival supplies companies no doubt have them, too.  I’d say it’s a good idea to have a NOAA weather radio on hand.  It can sound alarms when there’s dangerous weather in the offing.”  He got up and walked across the room.  “In fact, I’m going to turn on our weather radio for a few minutes and see if there are any storms in tonight’s forecast so we can let Sally know.”


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.