Urban Emergency Survival Plan – Why You Should Have One

If you live in a city or town, you may have dismissed a lot of the information out there on preparedness because so much of it seems to focus on homesteading and self sufficiency. However, there are some basics that apply to all preppers, no matter where they live. Still, other questions arise, such as […]

Get Survival Training to Help You Make Ready to Survive

More companies are producing readily accessible survival training these days, either through webinars, DVD’s or online streaming video presentations. I think this is great. Why not use technology to its fullest as a teaching tool, especially if it can help you survive? Recently Jim Cobb asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some DVD’s from […]

Bug In or Bug Out – How Can You Know for Sure? (Part 2)

Bug in or bug out? Everybody who’s written a book or has a Web site on prepping has an opinion. There are lists galore. How do you decide what to do, and when? Bill Cirmo says if you’re prepared to bug out, you’re prepared to bug in. Think about that a minute. Bill has devised […]

A Solar Powered Bug Out Kit?

Jeffrey Yago shares an interesting concept in the November-December 2014 “Backwoods Home Magazine” (Issue #150). It’s not just portable solar power. It’s a solar powered bug out kit. Curious? You’ll want to take a look at the photos, diagrams and charts accompanying the full article, which is linked below.   Solar suitcase By Jeffrey Yago, […]

Bug In or Bug Out – How Can You Know for Sure? (Part 1)

In the event of a disaster, do you bug in or bug out? How can you know for sure? How ready are you? Where would you go? Have you heard the term BIBO? It stands for Bug in, Bug out. That’s a perennial question for preppers everywhere. On this week’s DestinySurvival Radio, I share part […]

A Simple Knife Sharpening Tip

Here’s a nifty knife sharpening tip. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is. Watch the short video below and let me know what you think. Is this a good idea? Have you done it before? How did it work out?     Would you feel more comfortable using a ready-made knife sharpener? Search for […]

The Absolute Best Reason for Christians to Prepare

During the past few years of doing this site and DestinySurvival Radio, I’ve met a surprising number of Christians. At least it’s a surprise to me. As a believer in Christ myself, this is a wonderful thing. On the other hand, I know some Christians oppose taking preparedness seriously because they’re expecting God to provide […]

Reflecting on an Orange

It’s at this time of year when many of us slow down just enough for a little reflection. Today I want to draw your attention to a post I wrote a few years ago, where I’m reflecting on an orange. And, yes, there is a connection to prepping. Take a couple of brief minutes to […]

The Ultimate Rorschach Test Designed To Dissect & Control

Editor’s note: Capt. William E. Simpson II contributes the following article on a sobering and startling topic that’s on the minds of many of us. How much does the government know about you and me? How much do the companies we buy from know about us? How much information about ourselves do we unwittingly give […]

DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2014

There’s no new DestinySurvival Radio program today. Since next Thursday is Christmas, and the following Thursday is New Year’s Day, the show’s taking a break for the holidays. I’ll have a new show for you January 8th. It may seem early to do an end of year wrap up, but below is a listing of […]

SilverFire® Does It Again! Introducing the ‘Scout’

Editor’s note: Capt. William E. Simpson II shares this review of a compact camp stove you’ll want to have among your prepping supplies. Capt. Bill is the author of The Nautical Prepper and was my DestinySurvival Radio guest twice in October of 2013. View posts about those shows here and here. He has occasionally contributed […]

It’s the Biowarfare Threat We’re Not Expecting

The introduction of non-native species to North America isn’t new. It’s been happening since Europeans first began to settle here centuries ago. For example, Indians wouldn’t have had horses otherwise. But what if non-native species were used against us in a terrorist attack? It’s the biowarfare threat we’re not expecting. We live with the presence […]

A Self Watering Gardening System with Barrels

A reader brought this to my attention. It’s a video showing how to set up a self watering gardening system using barrls. It’s really a cleverly designed passive hydroponics system. If you’re someone who enjoys projects like this one, you’ll appreciate how well it’s described. Consider building one of these for your survival gardening for […]

The Provident Prepper–A Family Friendly Guide You Should Have in Your Survival Library

When I say The Provident Prepper is a family friendly guide you should put in your survival library, perhaps I should clarify that a bit. Lots of books on preparedness give info and advice geared toward prepping for the whole family. But few I’ve read describe personal family experiences. Authors Kylene and Jonathan Jones include […]

Human Waste Disposal Off the Grid

It’s not a pleasant subject, but it’s oh so essential. And it’s a serious subject. What will you do about human waste disposal off the grid? What happens in the event the power’s off or water’s not running for a long period of time. Joe Alton, M.D., also known as Dr. Bones, addresses this subject […]

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