If You Believe Your Destiny is Survival…

Welcome to DestinySurvival–a resource for you on your journey to preparedness and survival. Because so many sources of information on preparedness are available today, I’m grateful you’ve chosen to stop by.

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If you can spare a few minutes, I’d be honored if you would allow me to fill you in on what you’ll find on this site and the thinking behind it.

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The Purpose

I’d like for you to use this site as one of the resources you look to for guidance on preparedness. My goal is to give you useful information to help you take that next step toward survival.

We must prepare to survive in a rapidly changing world. After all, how will we live when life as we’ve known it has changed forever?

The Articles

Among the hundreds of articles on this site, You’ll find a variety of survival-related topics mentioned—food storage, gardening, personal defense, and more. some posts promote specific products offered by various affiliate sponsors. But most are simply informational.

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The Prep Mart

The Prep Mart is your gateway to trusted companies and resources to help you get prepared. You’ll find companies you may be familiar with already. Other resources include training and instruction on a variety of preparedness and survival topics.

By purchasing prepping supplies from the companies featured, you keep this site free for all. I earn a small commission from those purchases, which keeps this site going.

DestinySurvival Radio

The DestinySurvival Radio page is where you can access over 200 podcasts on a wide variety of preparedness and survival-related topics.


I started DestinySurvival in November 2007, just before the U.S. government later decided the country had officially gone into what has been termed the Great Recession. That seemed like the right time to begin nudging interested readers toward survival oriented lifestyles in preparation for economic and political change, and, of course, natural disasters.

Many of the threats we face today are the same as when this site began. And new ones have arisen. Only today these threats are compounded by an increasingly precarious world. The need to be prepared is greater than ever.


I take a more philosophical view of things in what I write and talk about because I believe our preparedness fits into a bigger picture. You won’t see a great deal of “how to” information here.

You also won’t find much about politics or current events on this site, though they certainly have an impact on what appears here.

I don’t claim to have the final word on preparedness. And I’m not going to try to impress you with an impressive set of credentials. I believe I can serve you best by seeking information from those who do have both credentials and answers.

Then I pass that information along to you so you can make use of it in the way that’s best for your situation.

The Survival Mindset

Your greatest survival tool sits between your ears. Survival is about more than having the right gear and supplies.

As you live each day, be aware that outward appearances and official government and media cover stories are deceiving. You and I need to be prepared because things are not what they seem.

The survival mindset calls for us to know as much of the truth as we can, and live accordingly. Truth is wherever we find it.

Truth may be unpleasant and even frightening, or it may be comforting. But to ignore it is folly.

Wherever possible, we should share the truths we find with those who will receive them.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for you and me is to have the courage to take new paths. Those paths will open up before us as a result of what we discover when we have a teachable, eclectic mindset.

Someone has said life is an adventure, and we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Prepping involves a certain amount of experimentation. We must be flexible.

One day we may get more adventure than we bargained for. In fact, we may be getting it now. Therefore, survival in an increasingly chaotic world requires us to take new paths and be adaptable.

Keeping in Touch

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You can also reach me through the Contact page. Your input is welcome.

The Time to Prepare is Now

There’s no time like the present to get prepared. No matter what your level of experience or ability, anything you can do is better than nothing. Your life–and those of your loved ones–may depend on it.

If you believe your destiny is survival, explore the resources you find on this site. And remember, survival means being prepared.

Have a great day, and keep prepping!

– John Wesley Smith